HGT-The most heart-warming electric heating brand


2017" One Belt One Road "Changji exhibition of HVAC in Xinjiang has  been successfully opened on August 29, 2017 in Changji xinhuaneng industrial park, and  HGT(Shenzhen)  electric-heating co., ltd  is invited  to participate.

   The west's largest HVAC exhibition,Xinjiang Changji HVAC exhibition tour in Xinjiang autonomous region government to speed up the implementation of the policy of "electrification of Xinjiang" important display platform, is also the major engineering companies, construction companies, distributors, agents important  channel for the procurement of equipment  and  industry  brand.

   HGT(Shenzhen)  electric-heating co., ltd  with health, energy saving, environmental protection electric heating floor brand. "HGT"nano carbon electrothermal film at low temperature in the   exhibition, attracted a large number of industry experts and customers stop to visit, consultation, and reach the cooperation intention with some customers.


As a company specializing in the research and development of electric heating technology and the production of electric heating film -- Shenzhen  HGT  electric-heating co., ltd. we are committed to building a leading brand of domestic electric  heating.The company produces "HGT" electric heating film to meet  the user safety, comfort, health, energy conservation, environmental protection high-tech heating demand.

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