HGT - A dazzling star


To implement the national energy strategy, promote the development of energy cleanliness, speed up the construction of electrified Xinjiang, and realize new buildings in Xinjiang. Electric floor heating and the original natural gas central heating district were changed to gas-electricity complementary heating, and the 2018 Xinjiang HVAC Exhibition was held from Mar. 29th to 30th ,2018.


HGT was invited as the organizer of the exhibition, the strategic partner of the Beizhan Group, to participate in the exhibition. The reporter observed that HGT's exhibition hall was in full swing and the 150sqm booth was so popular that it became a dazzling star in the entire exhibition. Attracted many agents from Northwest and East  Asia, engineering companies, design institutes, and local government leaders from Xinjiang to consult and purchase.

It is understood that HGT graphene nano carbon electric heating film is specially designed for the renovation of old houses and patented low temperature electric heating walls, patented electric writing board, etc. were first publicly presented and received favorable comments from consumers, taking the high-tech of Shenzhen to the people of Xinjiang. Technology has made positive contributions to  electrified Xinjiang .

We carried a large quantity of proprietary products to Xinjiang exhibition, it is to contribute to electrochemical Xinjiang, our products are very suitable for Xinjiang in extreme cold weather, minus forty fifty degrees, no problems, so our products have been used in Xinjiang and have been got a lot of good feedback.Many users who have a highly comment of our products.

Using HGT product, the first is power saving and the second is safe. How to say...umh... There are many similar products now. We trust this product because we have been used this product for two years. These is no any bit of defective, or any problem.

Using HGT products, I think that their service is particularly good. The second is very security. It is really safe. There are children at home, we don’t worry and are particularly safe. We are particularly satisfied with HGT. We are also particularly satisfied with their service.

Agents in the three regions of Aksu, Bazhou and Turpan signed cooperation agreements with HGT on-site.


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