The advantages and disadvantages of electrothermal film heating


  In today's society, electric heating has gradually attracted attention of consumers. The advantages and disadvantages of electrothermal membrane heating, electric heating because of its different characteristics are divided into several categories: heating cable, electrothermal membrane heating, carbon fiber heating, carbonliccrystal floor heating. The advantages and disadvantages of the following small series to introduce electrothermal membrane heating.

  The advantages of electrothermal membrane heating:

1, can freely adjust the indoor temperature
The AC temperature controller is arranged in each room of the low temperature radiant electrothermal film heating system, in a predetermined temperature range, adjust the room temperature, so that people like the "water", "energy saving" as a flexible and convenient "warm day".

2, convenient and economical, energy saving
Low temperature radiation electric heating film heating system can be based on the needs of users, at any time to start or close, running very economic. Electrothermal membrane heating up layer level, fast heating, electric heating film three minutes can rise to 45 degrees, half an hour (two or three hours hot floor floor heat) electrothermal membrane heating in the composite wood floor only without cement backfill heating, electric heating film heating electric heating is invisible in the thin.

3, no need to maintain
Traditional heating often because of the construction, floor heating system causes the complicated problems of leakage, cracking etc.. Every year because of the cost of maintenance is also a lot of natural. Electric heating film heating system service life of up to several decades, no need to set up a special maintenance, repair agencies, there is no follow-up costs.

4, green environmental protection, no environmental pollution
Do not produce smoke and dust of low temperature radiant electrothermal film heating system, no noise and dust caused by indoor air convection, in accordance with the requirements of city planning, suitable for the requirements of environmental protection in modern society.

5, fast thermal conductivity
Traditional heating above to do the backfill layer, and the electrothermal membrane heating without laying above cement, so it can be said that the electrothermal film heating is faster, and it adopts a far infrared hot way, so it is the common heating rising more rapidly.

6, low temperature operation, safe and reliable
When the system works, the electrothermal film surface to keep the low temperature operation, the highest temperature does not exceed 60 degrees Celsius. It won't happen burns, causing an explosion and fire accident, the whole system is connected by a parallel mode, stable operation, high feasibility.

7, can be divided households billing
Low temperature radiation heating system to adapt to the needs of a wide range of users, can be divided into households, sub units or floors to measure, by the user free control of electricity consumption.

  Electrothermal membrane heating defect:

1, can not shop floor tiles
The electric heating film is not above the floor tile, cement mortar shop need to tile, easily damage the electrothermal film, because electrothermal membrane heating is usually installed in the indoor short area, from the basic structure of it can be seen that only install wooden floor.

2, heating effect is not stable
A lot of electric heating film manufacturers using the processing technology is adhesive. During use, the heated adhesive thickening soft, heating material and the heating layer of mutual penetration, because the adhesive is a poor conductor of electricity, cement will seep into the heating surface layer, the conductive properties of the electrothermal film decreases, produce power attenuation.

3, security
The position of the electric heating film heating is not allowed to drill holes, nail nails or hanging objects. The risk of electric shock is due to drill holes or other metal objects.
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