Electric heating film installation and use matters needing attention


  Home decoration, a lot of people have to install electric heating at home, but also a variety of electric heating, which is a kind of electrothermal membrane heating. A lot of people do not know what kind of attention to the installation of electric heating film, the following small make up a simple introduction to the use of electric heating film.

1, in the far infrared electric heating film on the floor as far as possible, no fixed decoration or placed furniture without legs, (if there is no place to be considered for furniture legs) to prevent local cooling does not usually open at high temperature for a long time, not on things like quilt cushion, cushion, quilt or under convergence heat, produce high temperature, will have damage to the membrane, the floor.

2, electrothermal membrane heating zone is strictly prohibited the laying of flame retardant.

3, is strictly prohibited in the laying of the electric heating system of the floor tiles on the nail nails.

4, laying the electric heating film (cutting) floor or floor tiles to keep clean, do not put broken slag, sharp wood chips, nails and other things left in the electric heating film, one side of the electric heating film.

5, no one in the room should be closed out or warm or cold set.

6, the laying of the floor is recommended to choose brand floor, the thickness of the best in 0.8cm, not more than 1.2cm, too thick heat is not good, not energy saving, environmental protection index brand floor is relatively high, so do not worry about the problem of harmful gas, if found to have peculiar smell, should promptly stop using electricity, timely and accurately identify the reasons for timely treatment to ensure the safe use of.

7, the normal use of recommended temperature at 35 degrees, the first heating or long time no use should be started at low temperature, low temperature 15-20 degrees after a period of operation, and then transferred to the set temperature.

8, the ground must lay the insulation layer, the northern cold area (or ground floor) can be considered to increase the thickness of the insulation layer, so the effect will be better.

9, each room should be set to a thermostat, the thermostat should be set in the easy to operate inside the wall, should not be set in the shelter or cold wall and the location of the sun.

10, temperature control device to select the temperature control is accurate, the control area should be larger than the laying of electric heating film area contacts to be pasted in the electrothermal film of black heat.

11, the temperature controller contact position is strictly prohibited to place the object is not conducive to heat, or will cause the temperature is not allowed, the entire film temperature is not balanced,

12, the laying of floor tiles should be selected thin paste technology, cement mortar best in 3cm, cement with high quality cement, and mortar mixture ratio to meet the specifications! The bathroom laying electric heating film above the slab waterproof layer should be added waterproof agent of cement, brick cracks should also use waterproof agent handle.
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