Electrothermal membrane heating installation method step is what?


  The first step: Insulation: extruded plate
  It should be noted that, before the installation of the ground is smooth, clean the ground, keep the ground clean. First prepare the power cord, and the probe line. Then one by one the insulation board, will be covered, along the walls surrounding the corner should be installed in the riser with thermal insulation, insulation board plug yan. The insulation board should be cut in order, the gap must be greater than 5mm, and the heat insulation board is smooth with wide adhesive tape. At last, check whether the surface of the insulation board is smooth, and ensure no warping.

  The second step: the installation of reflective layer: reflective film
  In the insulation plate tile laying good reflection film. Between each reflective film may be appropriate to leave the distance spread, aluminum foil reflective film face up.

The third step: the installation of heating layer: electric heating film
Drawing line according to the design requirements of the electric heating film laying position, in the insulation board to draw the electric heating film laying position line. Tick groove by drawing a line in the insulation position, tick the wire pipe groove layer, electrothermal film paved the corresponding specifications in the reflective film according to design drawings and layout of the groove depth and width is not less than the wire pipe, electric heating film laying must face upwards. Between each electrothermal film retain the spacing and fixed with adhesive tape, so as to avoid the risk of hard landing from high temperature. The surface of the film can be about 200mm distance from the wall, the other side also need to be a certain distance from the wall. When the electric heating film needs to be cut, it must be cut along the cutting line. The electrothermal film paved without wiring side at both ends of copper current carrying first imported sticky clay, and waterproof insulation tape insulation good in clay. Wear tube: the power supply wire into PVC plastic tube electric heating film, according to the line groove laying catheter, wire from terminal terminal box through catheter directly into the wall embedded, will lead the line and the zero line are respectively connected to the terminals of the. When wiring, the first high temperature wire leads to two main line with the edge of a film line side in other membrane respectively and the main wire parallel line parallel connection with the pliers to peel the first insulation wire core is connected with insulating tape wrapped, first with a special wire clip which is connected with the pliers press and film line, finally in the clip stuck outside the clay, with both hands tightly, and insulating tape wrapped into clay, lest moisture thermostat probe must be vertical stick to black carbon on the membrane of a position, must stick to the whole group of hot electrothermal film, the probe line length not available resistance the wire is lengthened, with solder joints, can not be used to probe local heating clay paste film. Test: total resistance test of this group of electrothermal value, compared with the resistance in the design, and make detailed records. Sealing nozzle: the total resistance inspection after all on the ground wire pipe mouth sealing treatment.

Fourth step: the installation of temperature control device
First according to the design requirements of the correct choice of temperature controller model. Before installing the thermostat, the distribution system should be confirmed to be in a state of power failure. According to the specification of the temperature controller, the power line is reserved in advance to the temperature controller, and then the main line is connected with the temperature controller. The screw rotation installation screws thermostat power board is fixed on the wall, the power board and display board to connect to enterprise installed display board visual appearance, it can adjust the position. The installation is completed, the temperature controller display screen protective film can be used to be used, then tear, with a test table to test the whole electric heating film system, must be adjusted, try to use the normal. Check the power circuit of the temperature controller to confirm whether the installation of leakage protection device. In accordance with the user manual test run, and test records related data, verify the system is normal.

Fifth step installation protection layer:
The plastic film electric heating film and the surface of the insulation layer is clean; the protective film laying on the electrothermal film, electric heating film will cover completely, and edge joint tape glue; plastic film to straighten out the management level, good decorative surface, the entire heating system officially installed, to introduce the methods and steps to install for your reference, the need to remind everyone to belong to take cover engineering, must be a good, otherwise bother, laborious and costly.
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