The electric heating system and the matters needing attention in the use of pavement


First, in the decoration process is strictly prohibited on the floor or nail hammer and other tools to destroy the ground so as not to damage the system. The heating system in winter the initial use, should be set to the temperature higher than the ambient temperature 2-4 degrees Celsius temperature, temperature can be set after waiting, the normal indoor temperature you need. In so doing, the furniture and the floor can be avoided because the indoor temperature change is too large to cause damage.
Second, in the process of laying the tiles, sand dust as much as possible to wet, dry shop tiles will affect the thermal conductivity of the floor resulting in poor heating effect increases the energy consumption.
Third, the house laying wood floors do not shop in plastic moisture-proof pad and the bottom, the moisture-proof pad has excellent heat insulation effect, will seriously affect the floor cooling, resulting in poor heating effect, increase energy consumption, even will affect the service life of the system.
Fourth, the decoration must protect the thermostat clean, avoid dust and putty into the internal thermostat, affect the temperature probe, temperature caused by inaccurate. The use of temperature control device should be strictly in accordance with the instructions to use, can not be arbitrarily removed. Do not place the thermostat at a very high temperature, so that the room will not be quickly warm up, but increase energy consumption. Do not use furniture, curtains and other shielding thermostat, temperature control device around do not have a source of heat or cold source, so as not to cause temperature control errors.
Fifth, when users leave or stay in one room, the temperature can be adjusted to 10-12 DEG indication scales or the corresponding positions, the energy consumption condition is far less than the room is heated to 10 DEG C from 0 consumption. Because the need to re open the system after the shutdown temperature, energy consumption is great.
Sixth, indoor furniture must have legs, to facilitate the ground heat, to avoid covering the ground continues to heat up.
General building occupancy, building body wet, the occupancy rate is not enough, the first heating period operating cost is relatively high, this is normal, the system enters the second heating period, with the floor dry, the occupancy rate of increase, energy consumption will be greatly reduced, the system will run smoothly, and energy saving features reflects the obvious.
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