Since the building how to install electric heating


1, if the installation of electric heating, need to consider the use of voltage. When installed heating area more than 80 square meters or more, should be installed before let technical personnel on-site investigation, check whether the wire and the need to increase household meter. If the resistance is too low, the installation power is too large, it is easy to burn the electrical equipment.

2, electric heating system is installed by the company responsible for the installation, but the power line is connected with the thermostat need to be reserved in advance, so when installing hydropower technical personnel to find the best viewing position, to find a suitable place for power line.

3, rural housing in general since the building is not connected with the neighbors house, caused by the endothermic radiating area of the house, and the heat radiated outwards from the winter, so, if you want to receive heating and electric heating energy saving effect better, we should do a good job of insulation measures of the house.

4, due to the installation of electric heating will occupy a certain height, therefore, if you have determined the installation of electric heating, set aside some space in the ground construction need, to install the electric heating wire laying and related materials.
In recent years, electric heating has been the rise in China's rural areas, as many rural families in favor of the heating equipment. This heating method is simple and easy to use, heating and comfortable environment, clean and health, cost is not much, high cost.
If you want to bid farewell to the rural high pollution, high energy consumption, unreasonable, unhealthy self heating, such as coal-fired heating mode, then the electric heating is your best choice. If you want to have green health, energy saving and environmental protection heating mode, so China electro thermal film will give you a warm and healthy winter.
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