Chinese electric heating innovation development conference held in Beijing


The morning of December 27, 2015, Chinese electric heating innovation development conference held in the Great Hall of the people, the comprehensive display of rapid development and abundant achievements of our electric heating industry, electric heating for the development of the industry share of hard work, the spirit of selfless dedication, the honor of meeting to the leadership of government departments and relevant ministries attention and care.

By China building materials circulation association vice-chairman, electric heating Specialized Committee hurwil chaired by the secretary general, the general assembly to carry out a comprehensive, rich and profound ideas, for the electric heating industry's future of writing a new chapter. The main electric heating industry development from the history, summarizing the development prospect of electric heating industry, strategic positioning, the formulation of the 2016 development plan, on policy trends, and promote cross-border cooperation, explore new modes of service, develop new ideas, for the development of the industry to develop new opportunities.

Guest speaker

Vice president, China Building Materials Circulation Association electric heating Specialized Committee director Mr. Qin Zhanxue, on the current development plan of China "in 13th Five-Year," green building energy supply side reforms, and encourage and hope to welcome the electric heating industry vigorous development and other topics.

The meeting listened to the executive director of the electric heating Specialized Committee Yin Huilai, a summary report of current development of electric heating, electric heating up Specialized Committee made since the establishment of the work, and achieved in the development of electric heating industry success.

At the same time congress listened to the deputy director of the Specialized Committee of Chen Wanren electric heating, the heating industry layout, Chinese strategic planning for the future, improve electric look far ahead from a high plane, electric heating industry and development goals, deepen the reform and innovation of science and technology to create and protect the electric heating work orderly, comprehensive analysis of national policy situation, and constantly explore new models, new way, firm industry the development of confidence, forge ahead, be enthusiastic and press on, a solid foundation for the new industry brilliant lay 2016 electric heating industry development planning.

The assembly also invited the Beijing Architectural Design Institute Dean Wu Desheng, on the overall development trend and Prospect of electric heating industry made a profound analysis, and pointed out in his speech, the electric heating industry as China's green energy industry, only if we unite together to better and faster development of the industry, the electric heating industry development.
The former National Standardization Management Committee, Mr. Deng Ruide, on the standardization of the policy and the environment, combined with the electric heating industry conducted a comprehensive interpretation. Adhere to Scientific Outlook on Development, vigorously promote the standardization of system innovation, improve the overall standard of market adaptability, constantly enhance the consciousness of standardization of the whole society, to achieve leapfrog development Chinese standardization work, and points out that the national standards and industry standards (standard) development work.

In order to improve the electric heating industry strategy, help the development of enterprises, the China Building Materials Circulation Association will launch the "national electric heating technology products recommended directory" work in the electric heating industry, and the opening ceremony.

China Real Estate Research Association vice president of Yuezhong Tong attended the meeting, combined with the current real estate policy environment and market trend, data from the real estate industry and the Chinese economy, environment, real estate policy the current real estate market in the future development trend are described accurately.

Live Award
China Building Materials Circulation Association, vice director of the king of electric heating Specialized Committee, standing in the perspective of the development of the industry, in order to get rid of the electric heating market promotion of the two major bottlenecks in a wonderful speech.

The chairman of Beijing Hailin energy Polytron Technologies Inc Li Haiqing, science and technology innovation in intelligent life topic, describes the development of intelligent control Internet plus electric heating era and its prospect.

To further promote the healthy and orderly development of the electric heating industry, regulate the industry, enhance the competitive advantage of power electric heating electric heating engineering construction enterprises, ensuring high efficiency and safety, promote the industry scale, the electric heating project of order, Congress voted Chinese electric heating construction grade qualification enterprise office issued certificates.

In the afternoon of December 27th agenda Chinese electric heating Exhibition Center kicked off by the Chinese Building Materials Circulation Association, full-time vice president of electric heating Specialized Committee hurwil chaired by the secretary general, general assembly from the brand building, Chinese real estate development, the State Grid electric heating policy, sustainable development of profound communication.

Conference site
Chinese electric heating exhibition and Trade Center planning a total area of 12000 square meters, a full range of display, create a set of enterprise products trading, investment negotiations, the Beijing office, new product promotion, press releases and other one-stop integrated services, to lead the industry, power companies, is committed to environmental protection, warm people's livelihood "approach to development, boost the industry overall development.

The conference is an inspiring rally, an exciting conference. For the development of electric heating industry continue to inject new ideas, new models, new development ideas, for China's environmental protection and people's livelihood is warm, innovation in the industry, expanding market and greater benefits. Meet, in the tide of the market of electric heating industry in advance, has made remarkable achievements!
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